Q-1. What is ?

A-1. Astro Sanjog is a matrimonial company where you can choose perfect LIFE PARTNER for yourself/relative. This company able to solve the personal problem by astrology. This company works under network system where everyone can earn money by referring nears and dears.


Q-2. What are the Joining options in the company Astro Sanjog ?

A-2. Company has launched three types of packages for joining :-

Q-3. How I can register myself/relative ?

A-3. Deposit Rs.3100/- OR $150 USD OR Rs.11000/- in the company bank account (Banks shown on website). Write contact number on bank receipt send us by email So that code/Pin can be sent to you. Now fill the form. You will get your ID and Password on your mobile number for further updation of profile.

Q-4. Is, there any refund system ?

A-4. NO. There is no refund/transfer system. Once ID and Password issued by this Company, the amount will not be refunded or transferable.

Q-5. Is there option for updation of profile/photos ?

A-5. Yes, Everyone can update his/her profile and minimum 5 five photos in different style can be uploaded.

Q-6. What documents Company will be provided to the customer ?

A-6. Company will provide Welcome Letter, Receipt of Payment, Login ID and Password Details which can be download from website.

Q-7. Is this ID valid forever ?

A-7. Yes, This ID is valid forever but matrimonial profile is valid for 100 days only.

Q-8. Is there any renew fee on same ID ?

A-8. NO, There is not any renew fees on business ID. But 100 Profiles valid for 100 Days will be provided. Requirement of next to 100 or more profiles will be comes under Renew Fee as under :-


Q-9. How I can search partner ?

A-9. Login your profile and click search partner and you will get the result as required.

Q-10. Can I contact with searched partner ?

A-10. Yes, you can contact with him/her by ID to ID Massaging/Contact number/Live Chat/ Living address facilities available in your astrosanjog ID.


Q-11. Is there any other fee for final settlement for marriage ?

A-11. No.

Q-12. Can we update our successful marriage photographs on the profile ?

A-12. No, You can send your marriage photograph by email/by hand to the company. BUSINESS PLAN

Q-13. Is there any Earning Method in this company by refer anybody ?

A-13. Yes, This is a MLM plan. You can earn more and more money by referring your friends and relatives.

Q-14. Is there any direct referral income ?

A-14. Yes, Rs.1000/- direct incentive on $150 USD (ID from Abroad) only.

Q-15. Is this Binary Plan ?

A-15. Yes, This is a BINARY with ratio [1:1] plan. Any associate who will sponsor two IDs ONE LEFT and ONE RIGHT is eligible for Rs. 400/- Pair Income,

Q-16. Is there any Cap for Binary/Pair Income ?

A-16. Yes, Rs.2,00,000/- (Rupees two lacs only) per month on single ID.


Q-17. If any misbehave language used by any user for anyone ?

A-17. This Company has all Rights to TERMINATE the ID and also will take LEGAL action.

Q-18. Is company responsible for settle any dispute between both (Husband/Wife) after marriage ?

A-18. No. This company is not working as a Middleman and NOT RESPONSIBLE for any misunderstanding between Husband and Wife before or after marriage.

Q-19. If any complaint against Company Administration, where we have to inform ?

A-19. Jurisdiction, Court of Nawanshahr (SBS Nagar) Punjab India.

Q-20. Is this plan/information forever ?

A-20. No. This company has All Rights to amend/change the PLAN without prior notice to the public/associate.

Q-21. Is any age limit for marriage ?

A-21. Yes, Girl should be above 18 Yrs and Boy should be above 21 Yrs old.


Q-22. What are the terms of Payment during the month ?

A-22. Two times. 01st and 16th each of month.

Q-23. What is the mode of payment/incentive ?

A-23. By cheque/By Bank Transfer.

Q-24. Is there any tax or other deduction ?

A-24. Yes. TDS 10% (PAN Card Holder) and 20% (NON PAN Card Holder) and 5% Admin Charges (Total 15% or 25%) as per Tax Act 1961 and Regulations as amended time to time.


Q-25. Is there option for franchisee ?

A-25. Yes. Franchisee can be issued out of 20 Kms from one Franchisee to an other Franchisee.

Q-26. What is the Franchisee Fee ?

A-26. Rs. 11000/-

Q-27. What is the Franchisee benefits ?

A-27. Rs. 400/-.per pair/binary. Rs. 100/- Per ID extra. On bulk sale free Pins will be given as per our Franchisee Policy. Franchisee policy will be send on demand by email.